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Reading with Magnifying Glass


We have a fun filled curriculum that encourages learning and teamwork. Our childcare workers are all enthusiastic, ambitious, mature and responsible people that love children. 


Science through play. We are working on a garden, an ant farm and so many other activities that our children love. All of which teach children science. 


Technology through play. We have a computer lab that will teach young children programming at a young age we have a toddlers computer lab to introduce children to the wonders of technology through different games and play. 


Engineering through play. We have building blocks, walls and other forms of play to help children explore the world of building and putting things together. 


Math through play. Counting games, sorting, and classifying all make math fund and exciting. We want children to explore math in a positive way to help ease the stress most children have when it comes to learning math the traditional way. 

Boy Playing with Abacus
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