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Diverse Kindergarten

Yellow Rocket Tech & Science Academy 

"A Daycare Center"

Hours: Mon-Fri From 6:30 am - 6:30 pm  

 So Much Fun!!
Children Learn While Playing. 

Recycled Flower Pots

Children are taught science through interactive play and gardening. This approach builds a strong foundation and enhances curiosity for the world of science. 

Yellow Rocket has 2 organic gardens that the children participate in the sowing, watering, growing  and light upkeep. Your child will learn about the fruits and vegetable  we grow, how they grow, how they nourish our bodies and we include what we grow in our menu. 

The world is transforming into a technological world. We have a child friendly computer lab that is strictly supervised and has restrictive software installed on every computer. We want to give your child a head start in the world of technology and computer programming all while they are playing. 

Engineering is all around us. We are committed to our future children. Yellow Rocket strives for the children in our care to have a head start when it comes to building and design. We give children the boost they need to develop through play and hands on design 

Games, puzzles, sorting, measuring, counting  and categorizing through play and fun activities allows us to  make math fun and exciting!

      Art is just as important as the           other  electives as it develops self expression, builds self-assurance and opens your child up to their creative potential . Children are encouraged daily to be creative through art to include puppetry!

Kid Playing with Bubble


A child is never too young to introduce him or her to the future. We stimulate children on their level of learning to help foster a curiosity about Science Technology Engineering Art and Math! 

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